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LongHealth Basel

In January 2024 I opened a private medical clinic in the heart of Basel, Switzerland, with a very specific focus on proactive prevention and longevity medicine.


non-fungible doctor

My journey through the worlds of NFTs and web3 is happening as a dedicated project.



Healthcare in web3 and the metaverse - that's the topic of the project "MED-VERSE" and explains the merged name.

Currently the project is in the phase of pre-launching and community-building, thought to connect other healthcare-professionals and also people that are just interested in the topics.

Med-Verse will also launch its own NFT collection.

med-verse logo_edited.png

Heroes of Healthcare NFT collection

Following the launch of the Med-Verse there is also an NFT drop:

Heroes of Healthcare

Heroes of Healthcare is a tribute to a range of disruptive waymakers for medicine, in history and today. The NFTs can be minted for free, and are then living on the blockchain and can be found on all common NFT marketplaces.

All details regarding the mint and the collection can be found in the Med-Verse (see above).

You can find a direct link to the collection on the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea here:

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